Job Wish List

CONTRAST (previous position’s attributes)   VS. CREATE (the position I want to have)

Being under appreciated     vs.     Appreciated

Making $15/hr     vs.     Earning $60K

Not being able to use my education     vs.     Using my PR & Social Media skills

Being the receptionist     vs.     Being a coordinator

Undervalued     vs.     Valued

Anxiety     vs.     Happy at work

Stressed     vs.     Relaxed

I want a job where there is room for professional growth and development, one that is well paid, where I get to manage social media channels, where I get to implement strategies and where I get to coordinate events with an inspirational team and boss.

What are the values I want my next work place to have

I want to work in a place where there are health benefits, with a friendly culture, a company that cares about their employees’ well being and work/life balance. I want to work in a place where there are other young people, in a fun, encouraging environment.


I am totally open & receptive to a wonderful, new position. One that uses all my talents and abilities and allows me to express creatively in ways that are fulfilling to me. I work with and for people whom I like & respect and who like and respect me, in a wonderful location, earning good money.

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