Table for two.

I went for lunch with an old coworker of mine. It went alright. But when she started talking about the place I got fired from, I did feel uncomfortable. I suppose I’d have rather stayed in my state of ignorance than know the place of business is still functioning properly without me.

It was also strange to hear about the girl who took over for me, and that this coworker I was out for lunch with was gunning for my old job, and other former coworkers were encouraging her.

I guess I feel no sense of loyalty.

When it comes to work, can you really be friends with the people who work there? I say no.

It is strange I went for lunch with this particular coworker because her and I never really got along. We had to share a job, and we were usually pretty stressed out about each other & duelling responsibilities.

This tells me I have work to do in order to let go and move on from my former job.

dear universe, please help!

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