The first time I was called a drama queen I was 18.

There is something within me that needs a bit of conflict, it tells me if the person really cares (or doesn’t).

This must be my insecurities coming out and I must find a way to “fix” this part of myself. Otherwise, my friendships are on the line.

I want to be the fun friend who gets invited out. Instead I brew about not getting asked out and get envious when my friends are with their other friends.

I’ve tended to be the third wheel in my friendships. Never the best friend, but a friend on the side.

Everything I’ve learned tells me I need to change my way of thinking or this will persist.

Dear Divinity, please allow me to be grateful for what I have and be calm in my day to day life.

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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