Thank you Marianne.

I love how Marianne Williamson describes Illumination.

Illumination is the building of the passage, the construction of the spiritual tunnel through which the soul finds its way out of ego-bound darkness into mystical light.
(Pg.24 from her book Illuminata.)

I am taking this time, during Lent, to take a break from online dating. I’ve had a rough ride, and I need a breather to reconnect to myself & discover: my wants! my truths! my fears! & my desires!

I found myself in a dark spot for the last several weeks before ending a relationship. My ego took over, authenticity lacked & I was close to miserable, & certainly irritable!

Lately, I find myself in a better place, but every moment is a test of will!

So I retreat to reading & listening to Marianne Williamson, her words are Godly and they speak volumes to me.

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I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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