Day 3: sorrow

It’s Day 3 since I ended the friendship with him. I feel deep sorrow today. I have been sad and irritable. (Also, I’m getting my period soon, so that can explain my mood).

Trying to make myself feel better, I started obnoxiously singing along to Christmas music in the car. It was certainly distracting.

(I turned it into a plan on how to get people who listen to Christmas music to turn the dial. Great idea, I think.)

As I put my idea into practice, driving home from the grocery store just now, singing along to Carrie Underwood’s Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, suddenly everything came to a halt. There was his car, pulling up to the red light opposite me. I don’t know for sure if it was him, but I felt it was. The energy in the rainy night air was so thick and tense.

My heart stopped. As did the singing. In fact, nothing else existed in that moment.

As the light changed to green, we both slowly drove through the intersection, I turned to see if it was him, his window slightly rolled down. I’m certain he also looked to see if it was me. It felt like slow motion.

I drove East, he went West.

But I think that was him, one block from my house.

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