but fuck you

fuck you for doing this to me
fuck me for allowing you.

fuck you for making me think i’m not good enough.
fuck you for carrying along.

though, you make my insides come alive,
passion, heat, hollow.

as much as i fucking hate you right now, maybe you did teach me things,things about grammar and taking care of your car,
things about cooking and baseball.

for 10 years i’ve been the same person
for 10 years i’ve never been the one.

you say you don’t like hurting me,
but you revel in it.

i was there for you even when you treated me like shit,
i’m the one who would do anything for you.

for calling me the best, for telling me i’m pretty, fuck you.
for making me fall in love with you,
fuck you.

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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