So get this. Arrived in NY and he isn’t even here to greet me at the hotel. He went shopping instead and now I’m waiting in the lounge area for him, like a bafoon!

Not only that but he didn’t even text or call me before my flight.

Okay I gotta turn my mood around. Show with actions and not words. Do Not be mad. Command respect.

I am having fun

I will be myself.

Live wild. Speak out. Be crazy. Have fun.

So far it’s been 15 minutes. But it’s disrespectful to leave me waiting. He knew my flight info / he booked it for me!


What to do….

Dear God,

Deliver me to my brilliance.

Deliver me to my independence.

Deliver me to my confidence.

Deliver me to my self respect.


Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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