love from the inside out

Self-love comes from the inside out. How do I know this? I lost 80 lbs and in many respects, I still feel like the 255 lbs girl I’ve been for the majority of my life. I’m sensitive to how others perceive me, sensitive to words, quick to be on the defensive,

As my waistline slowly starts to expand again, I try to catch myself falling into this rabbit hole of bad decisions.

I came across this article about seeking validation from other sources, specifically the damage that social media can do to us.

How do you feel when one of your Instagram posts gets a few likes, or doesn’t garner the response you had hoped? “People with high self-confidence are less negatively affected by social media than are those whose self-confidence is lacking.” (Beverly D. Flaxington, Psychology Today)

And according to this article, we can really fall into a downward spiral of negative thinking the more we log in and compare ourselves to others.

A few solutions that may help

  2. Stop comparing. Take the everyone-has-their-own-journey mentality
  3. Validate Yo Self! When a negative thought arises, STOP. Replace it with positive words instead. i.e. look in the mirror and say, “you’re a bad ass mamma jamma!”
  4. Do something for yourself to make you feel better. For example, today I had to pull myself out of my own misery. Took a minute to get out of bed indeed.  I made tea, watched some stand-up, masterbated, went for a run, took a bath, danced around my room, and am now writing.
  5. Show gratitude. Think of 3 things you are grateful for in this moment. “I am grateful for the air I breathe, grateful for my able body, grateful I can hear the birds chirping.”
  6. Pray for a miracle!


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