wash yo face.

Just read a few articles on stress and ageing. Turns out, when we’re stressed, our cells start to regenerate slower, causing us to lose collagen and elastin resulting in more fine lines and darker circles… and it gets worse, these effects could last FOR-EV-ER! (Read article at your own peril.)

I’ve talked to a lot of girlfriends, and this corona virus has definitely caused many of us to break out and this makes sense because, according to the article ” the nervous system and skin tissue are created in the same embryonic layer, the ectoderm”.

Moral of the story – don’t neglect your skin care routine, and take care of your mind and body to lower stress. Yoga, reading, meditating, showing gratitude.

Who knew the stress of heartache could get so bad that it permanently shows up on your face? Now if this isn’t something to light a fire under your ass to keep you moving after a failed relationship, I don’t know what is!

**k. bye. doing at home facial now**



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