the fast and the furious – Covid dating update

“Dating” during Covid is like the fast and the furious. So many connections, so many future plans for dates but you know talk is cheap. Am I just being cynical? If not, then I’ve agreed to a number of dates, but it’s easy to commit when you know no real commitment actually exists. The length of the new found match varies from one conversation, to a phone call, to a FaceTime, to never speaking to them ever again. Sounds just like regular online dating, right? Well minus the FT.  In these times there is less concerned focused on getting to know a match as we quickly swift to someone new and see how they are coping.

Pre-Covid, the general dating routine after matching is to talk for a little, if there is a spark, switch to texting, if the spark remains, a phone call is due, then if the guy isn’t a complete weirdo who cannot stop talking about how much he can bench press you set up the in person meet and greet. Something short and non-committal. I like a coffee date.

During Covid, it’s all about the FaceTime date. It’s a lovely way to connect, but not with a potential suitor. This shows too much of our lives right off the bat. Too much into my life, too much into theirs. Opens the door for judgement off the bat.

I don’t even like to give my instagram before I’m dating someone for awhile. It’s a look into my life only close friends and family are privy to.

As quick as you match, poof they disappear! So each connection you take with a grain of salt. The landscape is more fleeting than ever as we all reach for that temporary companionship.

Online dating was already a fast turnaround of potential partners and endless swipes, now it’s been accelerated if you can even imagine. Numbers are exchanged faster, connections are dropped quicker.

As a woman, I am not going to chase the man (biologically speaking the egg doesn’t chase the sperm). Men like to hunt. So women should be hunted. Not is a gross, creepy stalker kinda way, but like pursued. Don’t even argue otherwise, IT’S SCIENCE.

So what is the point to this little rant? I’m not quite sure, so let’s just say it’s To Be Continued…

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