isolation boredom + dating momentum

There’s something to be said about maintaining the momentum when online dating, especially now during COVID. We are faced with many matches and an urge to make a connection with someone and perhaps even sustain said connection all while we’re stuck at home.

If the connection wheel is a spinning and you let it slow down or stop, you run the risk of your perspective post-COVID companion to find someone else to spin their wheel in the meantime. This can lead to a lost connection.

So many fast and furious connections, people looking for that instant attraction, chemistry and spark. We are ready to connect with someone, ANYONE, due to isolation boredom. And looking for a partner out of boredom isn’t going to bring you who you want. I call it conjuring up a game of bored and seek. It’s when we are looking for our next fix. Sometimes these “situationships” die off quick because we lack the ability to keep the momentum going.

But there are moments we manage to make a wonderful connection where you actually feel the other person’s energy. This goodness and sense of another person’s humanness is utter JOY! But unlike S04E04 of Black Mirror, we don’t know how long we’re going to be connected to that person. Will it be just a few hours? 1 month? 5 years?…

So I write this because there is a moral of the story: if the vibes feel good, keep the dating momentum wheel going by moving it little by little. If it feels good do it, don’t overthink it, and maybe eventually it will keep spinning all on its own.

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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