Covid & the changing dating landscape

Well, I’m glad to say I kept some of my fat clothes. There’s a definite expansion in my waist these days, and it might be from stress eating!

Right now, it’s all about being comfortable, and with the world turned upside down, it’s easy to get swept away in news-fear and anxiety. We are turning into a virtual world, and that’s kinda scary. The flip side would be about embracing the change and trusting the government… (even if that’s hard to do).

The freedom, we once took for granted we no longer know.

Even the dating landscape has changed.

The conventional wine-and-dine dating is out the window. There are no more dinner dates, movie dates, bowling dates etc. 

If you’re dating during Covid you can now expect a series of FaceTime calls and maybe a physical distancing park date (which come to think of… the park date was V common pre-covid) but you could usually couple that with a coffee stop. 

So when it comes to dating during Covid, what kinda in-person activities can we actually do? I mean, we want to get off our devices and do things in person, right?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Do takeout + drinks and enjoy the meal at the park (if picnicking is allowed?)
  • Netflix and virtual chill
  • Nights where you jam out to music together – can be done in person or over Zoom
  • Go for a hike – a longer hang out, you can see how physically fit someone is, how they interact with others, what kinda snacks they pack, how they may assist if something were to happen… etc.

BUT…a big problem with the in-person hangout is the lack of il bagno… so if nature calls, you gotta hold it (or go home)! Another is the lack of touching allowed. When you’re meeting someone for the first time I guess it’s just about a friendly nod or wave nowadays. But what if you want to go in for the hug? I mean you gotta check if they give good hugs right?!

And now the question I’m asking myself is how long do you wait to sleep with someone?

You’ve been video chatting and going for walks with someone for awhile now, ya’ll like each other…so, what is the next step? Maybe it’s sending a hot pic? Maybe it’s sexting? But when does it actually get physical?

There was a formula pre-covid women could oblige by: sex after three dates. But this no longer applies! There is no way I’m gonna give up the cookie after a few park walks, is there?! 

Let’s look on the bright side

I think right now, we have the opportunity to really get to know someone without our hormones getting in the way. We can take this different approach to dating and run with it. It might give us the opportunity to build a foundation with someone, rather than jump from situationship to situationship chasing the initial high of matching with someone new. But, do we have the patience to make this happen?

It’s kinda like Netflix’ Love is Blind, and I embrace it! But I’m def not giving up the cookie easy during this! And neither should you!

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