A Covid fling and it’s permanency

As we slowly get back to normal life only time will tell if your Covid fling will last.
Oh yes, I’m talking about that companion we had to FaceTime with through the night, to go on physical distance walks with, to text during the day when bored af. How will these relationships fair once we’re all back to regular life?
No more people at your disposal. No more using each other for momentary companionship. The fling is over!
As we reignite with friends, head back to work, and carry on business as usual, the dynamic between you and your fling is definitely going to change! And now I’m asking myself whether or not these Covid flings will turn into something more, or fizzle out.
I suppose only time will tell…but I do offer this insight:
To determine whether or not your fling has staying power may be determined by how far sexually you went with your fling. If you gave it up before they could take you out on at least 3 proper dates, then you’re likely to be doomed! They will feel no need to take you out for patio drinks as you undervalued your worth.
I do realize this, of course, is only a limited belief placed on us by society. It’s up to us if we choose to have the same belief system or not.
…Alas it’s kinda true. I joked to my Covid fling, “Now that we’re in Phase 2, you can take me out on a proper date!” And although he said he looks forward to it, he also joked that he doesn’t have to because I already gave it up. Tsk tsk.
Side note: To be completely honest I do not have an interest to sleep with him again. At least not right now. Sooooo he is going to have to woo me and try and earn it again.
—End End End—

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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