a Sunday pick-me-up

When you need a little pick me up, try Transforming:

Fear into Courage

Not Enough into Plenty

Old Patters of Behaviour into Fresh Responses

Anger into Cleansing Breath

Sorrow into Hope

Grief into Rebirth

Loneliness into support

Dis-empowerment into Confident Action

Creative Dormancy into Full Expression

Superficiality into True Being

Masks into Love of What Really Is

Shortsightedness into Eagle Vision

Limitations into Possibility

Projections into Conscious Ownership

Stuckness into Movement

Depression into Light

Bondage into Freedom

Control into a Loose, Flexible Grip

Obsession into Letting it Be

Anxiety into Flow

Fragmentations into Wholeness

Shame into Acceptance of the Process of Life

Mistrust into Trust

Judgement into Allowing




Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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