Dick Distraction = Dating Detox

It seems every time I get involved in a love relationship I lose myself. I lose my standards, my voice, my passions, my healthy habits. I get so wrapped up in men, the attention I get, the hopes and dreams of finding “the one”, that I drop the things that are important to me and focus 100% on the guy. This is my pattern on repeat.

This is a flashing red light telling me there is so much inner work I gotta do. So here I am again, reading all my self-help books, talking to my therapist, learning about chakras + reiki and doing anything to help me gain my power and heal.

This led me to taking a 30 day detox from dating, and sometimes I get so irritable, releasing my anger on the people who actually love me.

What can I do here?

Be serving to those that love me – When I’m dating a guy I will go above and beyond for him. Well now, I’m going to start going above and beyond to family and friends

Embrace my needs – I’m a sensitive person who picks up on other people’s energy, so often I need a lot of time to retreat, and I don’t think others understand this. Communicating my needs and following through without judging myself or feeling shame.

Feel my feelings – Not every day is going to be a bucket of sunshine, and that is OK. It’s actually perfectly normal. All we can do is be aware of how we’re feeling and allow the feelings to pass through. “This too shall pass”.

Deep dig – Figure out what’s going on within me that I’m attracting commitment-phoebe men. Which I’m pretty sure comes down to self-esteem and self-worth.

So I pray to God to help me let go of the things I cannot control, and embrace and love myself exactly as I am.

Here’s a helpful article if you too are thinking of taking a dating detox: https://www.instyle.com/dating-detox-bad-relationships-break

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