covid winter dating = wear your thermals

As I prepare for a first date, I have no idea how to dress. It’s cold outside, and since indoor dining is not allowed, I know I have to dress warmly. Is it possible to look cute while all bundled up? Things I pondered while putting on a thermal layered shirt, different style toques and choosing the right pair of gloves.

I ask myself: do we meet in the Starbucks with our masks on? Or do we meet in the parking lot before hand and see each other’s faces in human form before we commence the date? Dating in December when you are forced to stay outdoors brings up all sorts of questions.

What’s fun about these outdoor dates though: you can bring a flask, hoodies are acceptable, but frankly you don’t even need to worry about your outfit since your jacket will be on! One hot tip from tonight: definitely bring a blanket to sit on because you won’t last long on a frigid park bench.

And you may end up hanging out in his car, listening to music, and that’s kind of my happy place….

How is your outdoor Covid dating going?

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