all in the name of “love”

Ignoring the red flags, we all do it, we hope for better, we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear. You know what was a red flag? The fact he didn’t appreciate Joni Mitchell. She’s a beautiful poet.



but on a more serious note:

Huge red flag for myself as the things I valued slipped to the waysides. The things I found important like my weight loss journey, eating sensibly, and putting myself first dropped.

My beating heart spent a lot of time smiling on the inside – the countless mornings I woke up with such a warmth in my heart because of this love. And all those nights I fell asleep in complete contentedness because of the feeling.

But when you fall down, you gotta get back up again. Sometimes it takes a little longer than you expected, but please don’t beat yourself up for it. Take the time you need, feel the feelings you have, express yourself in whatever way is authentic to you.

Time may feel slow, memories may flood your brain, tears may fill your eyes. It’s all going to be okay. These heartbreaking experiences we have help us fine tune who we really are.

A really great piece of advice I got was from Abraham Hicks. It was to look at the relationship with appreciation. When we view it with appreciation we raise our vibe out of the negative (regret) into the positive. This person got you to get connected to your source energy/authentic self, which is the feeling of being in love. And that it’s gone, we feel sad, lonely and miss them because we miss the feeling.

After a breakup, we are now in a place to find our true alignment in order to create our next delicious relationship. We learned the things we liked and what we don’t like.

It’s time to relax and get over the feeling of not being connected with this person anymore.

Bless that relationship everyday + thank the other for the clarity it has brought + stand in anticipation for what is to come = the missing will subside, and the anticipation of that is which to come will replace it.

You will get back into love.

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I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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