The World Record for the Longest First Date

Did I just set a new Guinness World Record for the longest first date? At the time I started this post, we were going on 360 hours spent together, mostly under one roof. It’s completely arguable though if it still counts as a date once we reached the point that we were no longer interested in each other, but were more or less stuck together until I got the proper paperwork to fly back home to Canada.

In total we spent approximately 384 hours together. I finish this post in the airport while I wait to board my plane back home. In the time The American and I spent together we found sweet moments, hope, helpfulness, laughs, cuddles, annoyance, dismay, disgust, arguments, judgement, separation, and basically all the facets of an LTR wrapped up into two weeks.

As one of my good friends put it, this experience was a fast-tracked 1-2 year relationship which makes me lucky because time is more valuable than money. I don’t regret anything that happened. I learned a lot about the things I want to do and the things I am capable of doing, and met some cool people along the way. I am just glad to be heading home.

How appropriate MMMBop starts playing in the airport as I write this. What is an MMMbop, you may be asking? Well, pulling from my teeny bopper experience, it was described as a moment in time. The song kicks off,

“You have so many relationships in this life
Only one or two will last
You go through all the pain and strife
Then you turn your back and they’re gone so fast…”

and don’t forget about:

“Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose
You can plant any one of those
Keep planting to find out which one grows…”

So keep planting and watering, and remember all we have is the present moment.

Ohio, thanks for being an MMMBop in my life.

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