What kind of dating standards have you set for yourself?

When dating, some guys will put in the minimal effort to try and sweep us off our feet. They think things like casual texts like “sup?”, photos of their dog laying in their crotch and last minute hangout invites are going to woo us. My word. What are we, 18? When situations like this arise, you gotta ask yourself: are these the types of behaviour I’m going to accept when dating and looking for a partner? It all comes down to us and what we stand for. Frankly, the above behaviour warrants no response, because it’s just unacceptable dating behaviour when you are 35.

Last night, I went on my first date since The American, and I was pleasantly surprised. This man picked me up at my house, and got out of his damn car to greet me, and opened the car door for me. He also walked me to my front door at the end of the date. Uh. I’ve never experienced this level of chivalry before. And that’s probably because I accepted subpar treatment from punks for years. My bad.

This experience made me realize it’s the behaviour that we accept during the dating phase that sets the standards for the long term. What we agree to and the things we are okay with showcases what we think our worth is. What are you willing to accept? What actions are deal breakers?

So the next time someone asks you to go for a drive on your first meet up, ask yourself if this is the type of person and relationship you’re trying to attract in your life. Saying “no” to this behaviour allows the universe to know we want more for ourselves, plus gives our confidence a lil’ boost because we raised our standards.

No more self-serving guys. How about men with their shit together (or at least 95% of their shit together, cause we all got stuff) and us as high-valued women?

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