420 thoughts

Everyone has their own shit.

Mine’s no better nor worse. A a wise woman recently reminded me, “put yourself is someone else’s shoes.” So simplistic, yet how often do we truly do this? This adage cannot resonate stronger than at a time like right now. This is a moment in my lifetime where I’ve never experienced more divisiveness. A time when a differing of opinions, beliefs and values can make us block, silence, delete, and turn a blind eye to each other.

By putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes maybe we’ll be better able to approach our loved ones, acquaintances and strangers with compassion, love and a smile. For me, I’m going to work on saying “Hello” to strangers while on walks, and maybe sit with my aunt more often and see what’s going on in her life.

Who is your inner divine counterpart?

Who is the you you’d be if no one was watching? No one was judging? If nobody cared?

Would you dance and sing a little louder? Would you create? Would you travel? Would you build? Would you speak up? Would you play?

Who is the inner you and what would you do?

My inner goddess is an artist. She wants to dance, she wants to create, she wants to love, she wants to sing, she wants to give.

You know when songs start to give you a bad aftertaste?

It’s not the song’s fault. This is just due to the memories the tune happens to bring up. Perhaps of an ex, or of people who aren’t part of your life anymore. Those bittersweet memories. The cringe-worthy moments. The times you were happy as shit. The times that are long gone and can never be recreated. The ones that initially bring a smile to your face but then are quickly followed by sorrow because that moment, that person, that place, that feeling are now gone, evaporated into the air.

Well, what if instead of feeling dread, regret or sadness, we look at those moments with a smile or laughter? Why not allow the joy you feel run through your veins? Yes, that moment is gone, but can’t we revel in the happiness we once felt for a brief moment rather than come at it negatively?

And maybe we need to start finding the humour in our missteps and life lessons. Like for example, “Remember that time I travelled 400 miles for dick?”😂Or that time I drove 45 minutes for a 1 AM booty call at a fancy Hamilton hotel with the hottest guy ever and didn’t even sleep with him? 😂 (Side note: I hope he’s well.)

We have to learn to laugh at the past. See it with love and gratitude and then return to the present moment.

And my last 420 thought:

If you’re only as strong as your weakest link and you don’t like your surroundings, are you the weakest link?

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I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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