About ordering a pizza….

There’s something peculiar and familiar when debating our pizza order which dawned on me tonight.

The scenario: Should I get a 10″ or a 16″? Is the 10″ big enough? Will it fill me? Will I have leftovers? Is it going to be too thin? Should I get thick crust? 16″ might be too big, but it could feed more than one person or I could have it again in the morning…

The pizza options, like men and dating are endless. There’s traditional, whole wheat, gluten free, ones filled with cheese. Thin crust, thick crust, cauliflower, New York Style, Deep Dish, Sicilian, Neopolitan, wood-oven. And don’t even get me started on the toppings

How do you like YOUR pizza?

I personally love a good Focaccia. Something not too big, not too small, nicely seasoned with just a hit of salt and oil. Being left satisfied and not overeating, nor begging for more. A pizza that fills me just right, where I am satiated, can stop eating when I want and there’s plenty leftover in the morning 😉

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