that time I almost got scammed by a modern day Nigerian Prince

What would you do if you got propositioned to be a sugar baby, earning thousands of dollars in a month? For some, the idea of all this extra income is lavish! The feeling of freedom in getting to do whatever you wanted. For me personally it would mean being able to finally get my own home! I’d be dumb to pass on an offer like this, right?

The text message came through to me on a Saturday afternoon. My cousin and I had just finished a workout and were driving home. It went something like this:

“Hi Vanessa, my name is Alessandro, I have to say you are absolutely gorgeous. I have a weird question, how would you like to earn $3000 right now and then $500 per week after. I’m not looking to waste your time, so if you’re not interested that’s cool. I just had to tell you how beautiful you are. Let me know if you’re interested.”

Off the bat my gut reaction was SCAM! However, being one part bored in my dating life, and two parts looking for more income, I thought let’s have a little fun with this! Handing my phone off to my cousin I told her to respond, see who this person was and to find out how he got my contact. He told us he got it via my Kijiji ad for personal training.

Even though the number he was texting me from was a Vancouver area code, he told me he was in Toronto, living at the Four Seasons. I ended up spending hours that Saturday afternoon talking with this guy. We texted, talked on the phone, video chatted, and surprisingly he was good looking! Why would a person like him need to pay for companionship? Because he didn’t want the headache of a relationship he said.

I asked him what the terms of this sugar baby sugar daddy arrangement would be, and each time he had no answer. Just something about having fun with it, seeing where it goes. He told me about women he had this arrangement with in the past, and how some of them had boyfriends/got married. He told me that he thinks I’m gonna fall in love with him. Just laying on the charm HARD. and I ate it all up. I loved the attention.

I suggested meeting in person, seeing if we vibed and taking it from there. He refused. RED FLAG.

He started talking to me about Crypto currency, saying that’s how he made his millions. He even sent me a shit quality video of random hands, supposedly him, handling stacks of cash. “See, I’m not shitting you. This is going to prove to you I have millions of dollars,” he said. And when I asked him to show me that cash during our video chat, he refused. RED FLAG.

Crypto would also be the way he’d send me payment as sending thousands of dollars through e-transfer would be too suspicious. I wasn’t buying what he was selling. Why would any man offer a woman $3K for doing absolutely nothing? RED FLAG.

When I suggested he e-transfer me a smaller amount because I didn’t want to do Crypto, he’d rebuttal with how it would look suspicious over time. So with money on my mind, I downloaded the app. He walked me right through it, helping me set it up. At one point I even entered in my credit card information. The app didn’t accept my card (thank goodness), and in a very blase way he told me of another way I could set up my account to verify my identity: transfer $500 from my bank account into the newly created Crypto account.

Moments later I got this text:

I’m thinking this guy has multiple cell phones, and this is the automated message he sends to his victims if the credit card scheme doesn’t register on the app, albeit the area code is Arizona. Thank the good lord I didn’t fall for this part of the scam. I later confirmed with the Crypto App that thistext message was indeed not from them.

At this point I was pretty well over the idea of making easy money, but he kept trying. So I called his bluff. If the proof is in the pudding, and money is no object, let’s see the dough!

Well nothing ever happened of this. He never even asked for my email address, refused to drive 30 minutes to meet up for a walk and then told me I was wasting his time and that I was a joke. Oh and he capped it off by insisting he wasn’t doing anything illegal.

What I deduce is that this guy scours the internet looking for victims. That being beautiful, young, women looking to make money. Consequentially naive? Maybe.

Also, at one point during our interaction he started asking me to send him pictures, RED FLAG. I wonder if he uses this tactic as a way to blackmail women into sending him money.

Moral of the Story: Ladies, beware of the modern day Nigerian Prince.

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