If all you need is love…

It’s easy to be happy when you’re in love. You’ve got that relationship glow, a skip in your step, a plus one to bring to weddings, that person to call at any moment for any reason. You have your….whatever you want to call it; soulmate.(?)

And so I wonder: are people in relationships happier than single people? And have single folk been getting a rough ride? I believe we all need that human connection on a romantic level to fully thrive in the world, and get the opportunity to live our best life.

Relationships provide us with many benefits:

  • a sense of euphoria thanks to the release of oxytocin and dopamine
  • our immune systems get a boost with physical touch, and lowers stress. Perhaps why cuddling feels so good, it’s healing!
  • being in a loving relationship can give you longevity

If a loving relationship gives you all those things, then can’t we say with a big certainty that people in healthy, loving relationships are happier than single people? Just by default of the natural rewards they reap?

Single people are lacking the extra benefits from what romantic couples are getting.

It seems single people are at a disadvantage here, right? Singles don’t get the added bonus of having their stress lowered, or release of feel good horomones by side effect of being in a relationship.

When you’re not in a relationship can you be perfect, whole, and complete to your full potential? I think not. Yeah sure, you can find hobbies that you love, immerse yourself in work, friends and family, but singles are still missing a huge component of life!

What do you think?

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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