When does being single end?

Quick question: when does being single end? Or rather, when does dating end?

Maybe dating should come to a close at 38 years old? Just throwing that out there. You gave it a good go, a real honest effort. You met people, fell in love, learned a few things along the way, got rejected a few times, rejected others. You’ve done the rig-a-ma-roll time and time again… and that’s a fair shot at finding love.

So maybe we get to a point where it’s time to call it and just accept you’ll be checking off the “single” box for the rest of your life? Put it this way, if you’re approaching the dating-equivalent-amount-of-years that would garner you a secure pension plan with a good company, it might be time to throw in the dating towel. Besides, God only knows how stained THAT thing is!

What are your thoughts on this? If you cannot find a suitable partner by 38 years old, should you just accept your fate as a single person?


-36 and exhausted.

p.s. Carrie Bradshaw was single until she married Big. Now he’s dead and she’s single again.TERRIFYING,

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