seeking life

I keep waiting as if my purpose is going to find me. I didn’t think finding a job after being let go was going to be this difficult. I can’t be almost 30 & unemployed, it makes me feel pretty shitty. I need to start helping myself. I need to put myself out there andContinue reading “seeking life”

Interviewee etiquette

After spending time tailoring your cover letter & resume for a specific job position, researching the company, securing an interview, preparing for the interview, putting an outfit together, paying transit fares to get there, trudging through the slush filled streets all the while trying your best to keep your outfit in tact, the least aContinue reading “Interviewee etiquette”

You’re not hired & I’m not that into you

I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week. I suppose this only means I wasn’t aligned vibrationally with the position; my timing was off. What this means is I get more time to fill in my grid, and find the perfect fitting position for me. I welcome a new, exciting position, one whereContinue reading “You’re not hired & I’m not that into you”