A Semi-Quarantined Kinda Life

So the days go like this: 8:30 a.m. Wake-up – recite “I am enough” as soon as the latest failed relationship comes to mind. Then think to myself: “No! don’t look at your phone. You gotta meditate first”. 8:31 a.m. – Throw on Chakra related meditation, recite more mantras, focus on breathing, and remind yourself Continue reading “A Semi-Quarantined Kinda Life”

I’m not sure what it is

I’m not sure why, but I’m missing my ex. We’ve now been broken up longer than we were together, and the last couple days I’ve been thinking about him.  I think I’ve been watching too much Roseanne and it makes me miss him and think of him!  Dan & Roseanne Connor, reminds me of theContinue reading “I’m not sure what it is”