I’m feeling a bit sad & lonely tonight. I have been single for over a month & I miss the companionship, the attention & the extra body heat that comes with a relationship.

I usually have a male prospect to at least talk with when nights get lonely, but I have taken a break from dating.

When I’m not feeling the best I try & focus on how I want to feel:

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Viewer Discretion is Advised

We have viewer warnings before TV shows and movies for violence, nudity & course language.

The entertainment industry also needs to put disclaimers on Romantic films.

Something like:

The proceeding is a work of fiction. Happy endings, men proclaiming their true love & grand gestures of any kind are unreal & may leave you with a feeling of high expectations when it comes to unrequited love. Please do not expect or attempt any grand gestures in real life as you will only get hurt.


Ice cream to soothe the soul?

I’m feeling a bit lonely this Sunday, and my addictive habits are mentally reaching for the ice cream.

It would be so easy to fill my belly with sweet, creamy ice cream!

So tonight I pray.

Dear God,

This evening I ask for a miracle. Please help me remember and be grateful for all those who love me! Love surrounds me. I am not alone.

I believe in miracles and I surrender this feeling of loneliness to you. Please take them.

Thank you.



Thank you Marianne.

I love how Marianne Williamson describes Illumination.

Illumination is the building of the passage, the construction of the spiritual tunnel through which the soul finds its way out of ego-bound darkness into mystical light.
(Pg.24 from her book Illuminata.)

I am taking this time, during Lent, to take a break from online dating. I’ve had a rough ride, and I need a breather to reconnect to myself & discover: my wants! my truths! my fears! & my desires!

I found myself in a dark spot for the last several weeks before ending a relationship. My ego took over, authenticity lacked & I was close to miserable, & certainly irritable!

Lately, I find myself in a better place, but every moment is a test of will!

So I retreat to reading & listening to Marianne Williamson, her words are Godly and they speak volumes to me.

Gratitude & failed relationships

Since “gratitude is the attitude” I will apply it to my dating life. I have kissed a lot of frogs in the search of my prince.

So in this moment, I am grateful for these short lived relationships. They each taught me something – like I am pleased when a man opens a car door for me, and takes me out, and that I can still like someone even if we don’t have everything in common!
I most recently learned to follow my intuition.

I am grateful for all these frogs who have come into my life, they surfaced at the right time to teach me something valuable. Most of the time it was to teach me what I don’t want:


So thank you all for contributing time into my life, showing me my path & leading me toward my prince!