Breath & Meditation.

I went to a meditation workshop yesterday. One thing I learned is how you can focus on your breath & use this as an anchor when you notice your mind going wild.

This is how I focus:

Close your eyes,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
feeling the air come into your body, your chest & tummy expanding, growing bigger…..

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
feeling the air exit through your nostrils or mouth & sinking back into place.


We talked about being aware and present in what’s going on. & something that is important to me: Responding rather than Reacting.

So in moments where you’re about to react & you can catch yourself, take a few breaths and regroup.

I though today’s affirmation from Gabby B was fitting, so I share.

Please enjoy 🙂


Breaking up ain’t hard to do

This week I learned to stand up for myself. I was not being treated how I deserve so I ended it with someone I was seeing.

He turned it around and tried to make me feel as if there was something wrong with me.

I guess I miss him sometimes, but I know this wasn’t the man I wanted to
spend my life with. Better to end it now.

Through this relationship I learned honesty will set me free. I learned to
enjoy the now, and most importantly I learned to listen to my gut instincts.


Today I’m so cranky. I just want to punch someone! I don’t mean to be violent, but if you ask me the same question twice, I will bite your head off.

So please, shut the fuck up.

The fall out with my friend, the unknowing of my relationship, my head is a mess.

I have been over eating to make myself feel better, but it just makes me feel like a fat slob.

Dear God, I am in a bad place right now & I need a miracle to help me climb out.

Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Out of Whack

I have vibes telling me the guy I am seeing is no longer into me.

His communication has been weak lately, not even bothering to say good morning & good night.

I suppose this is the universe doing what I called out for. Yesterday my nephew was born, and I thought to myself: Brent isn’t the person I want to do this with. (This being have a baby with).

I guess this is my answer right there.

I feel lonely
I feel abandoned

I want to feel loved
I want to feel desired
I want to feel important

Why am I home alone on a Saturday night?


I must reach for my meditation pillow and find my centre.

Miracles Now

It’s not what you say.
It’s not what you do.
It’s how you be.

Words from Gabrielle Bernstein’s talk Miracles Now at Wanderlust.

She gives a very powerful talk, full of descriptive stories. She teaches how to
forgive, demonstrates asking for a miracle, teaches us to be the light and shows us how to manifest joy with a beautifully sung mantra at the end of the talk.

I was overcome with tears the first time I listened and participated.

Battle of the Buldge

I am trying to lose some weight, and over the last few weeks I packed on about 10 pounds!

I’ve been over eating, stress eating and using food as my comfort.

It’s time I be conscious of what I’m eating and how much of it I’m putting into my body.

I’m on a mission to fit into my clothes

I’m drinking a lot more tea, but I am thinking of stuffing a bag of chips into my mouth!!

Dear God,

Please help!!

I love and approve of myself.


Do you ever get in a routine of lethargy? It’s been two weeks of sleeping in, eating bad food and barely leaving the house.

I know this is not the person I want to be.

I see myself as successful, beautiful and healthy, but I’m struggling to put the work in and be consistent with it.

Dear Divinity,

Please help me, guide me and inspire me.


Interviewee etiquette

After spending time tailoring your cover letter & resume for a specific job position, researching the company, securing an interview, preparing for the interview, putting an outfit together, paying transit fares to get there, trudging through the slush filled streets all the while trying your best to
keep your outfit in tact, the least a company can do is let you know when you did not get the job!

Thank you.