universal tests

To prove you are in alignment with your intentions is determined by if we pass or fail a series of universal tests laid out in front of us.

This is how it works: The magic of the cosmos will present us with a circumstance in order to gauge how intent we are on our intentions. I find that most of these tests are integrity tests.

You can kinda break it down like this:

#1. We set our standards and values;

#2. The Universe throws something our way to see if we really stand by those standards and values; and then

#3. The Universe carries on accordingly with the information we provide it.

For example, if we wish to no-longer attract a certain type of person (deadbeat, loser, no job), we tend to get that exact person delivered to us! This is the test. Whether or not we take that person up on that date, exchange phone numbers, or even bother to reply, is entirely up to us. Our response dictates to the universe what we are willing or unwilling to accept. AND it will keep presenting us with the same situation until we chose to act in accordance with our intentions. It’s not just about speaking out our intentions, but we must live – them – through.

Here is a current personal example:

I decided I was no longer into the guy I’ve been dating during Covid. Something shifted, and yes, it was right around the time he didn’t make me breakfast. Coincidence? No. He’s a great guy, nothing against him, but I want more from a relationship. (Side note: I can finally makes sense of Lizzo’s lyrics, “Why are men great ’til they gotta be great?!!!)

Maybe we’ll sleep with each other again or something, but I have no intention in expending my emotional energy on him. We aren’t really connecting anymore, and that might be because we had sex too soon.

Anyway, I decided this DAYS ago, and as our vibe shifted into a slow fade, it became glaringly obvious he felt it too when I didn’t hear from him for the few days I was at a cottage. At first I was digging it, “yeah he gets it, we ain’t vibing anymore and this whole situationship can just fade away.” But then by Day 3, I got totally cranky about not hearing from him. So when I finally heard from him the evening of Day 3 I was all ears, and in an obvious better mood. But again, during our chat, I felt the same feelings I had days prior – no more connection.

So tonight during my evening run, I said it again: “Universe! I am DONE with this situation. I do not like the way he is treating me. I want more! And this time I will tell him!

By me proclaiming to the universe that I will now buck up and tell him how I feel is a pretty big step. It’s uncomfortable. It’s risky. I do question whether or not I’m being a drama queen, but my ING* (inner guide), is LOUD AND CLEAR, and it says I want more for myself.

If I accept the behaviour he is displaying (which is not in alignment with my values and standards) I will be:

A. telling the universe I’m okay with this

B. attracting more of what I don’t want into my life

C. going against my ING, and;

D. stuck in this relationship-bad-mood-purgatory until he decides to end it. And by that point I would have invested emotionally. (This is actually one of the lessons I needed to learn from my last relationship.)

So like clockwork, as soon as I got home from my run, he texted me, AKA the universal test.


Universe: “okay Vanessa, you’re done with that kind of situation? Well BAM, here’s your chance to prove it.”

Am I going to reply? With what will I reply? I like the adage of showing and not telling.



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