she’s gonna do it

I was out for a walk after the first day of my new job and I could not deny the commonality of the songs that played through my headphones. One after the other, they played in this order and my jaw dropped:

Run Away – Real McCoy

Runaway – Del Shannon

Runaway (U&I) – Galantis

Technically speaking, I don’t think Apple Music can be sorted by song title, so for those songs to be played in order like that it must be a sign, right? I usually just press shuffle anyway.

Here are some of the lyrics that played:

Runaway and save your life. Runaway, Runaway if you want to survive.

So a little bit about what’s been going on: I just moved to a new city in another province, and it dawned on me as I was walking that night after work: it’s either sink or swim now baby, and that’s kinda intense!

Also! To make things even weirder or sychronistic this picture was snapped by accident, and it appeared on my phone as the thoughts about sinking or swimming went through my head.


Digest this how you want, or not at all. But to me it’s proof that this move was necessary for me to thrive. *knocks wood*

I needed to essentially “runaway” and take on a fresh start.

And then this groovy Betty Davis tune came on, with lyrics like “she’s gonna do it” which provided me the hit of reassurance I needed to calm my many thoughts about this change! 😉

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4 thoughts on “she’s gonna do it

  1. So so weird! HECTIC! I never get clear signs I would have interpreted all this as a sign to run away from the new job and province! LOL!


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