I just finished watching “Trainwreck”.
It’s a good movie & I feel inspired to get back out there in the world and contribute to society.

I will start with finding a job. Not just any job, a well paying job, with cool coworkers, where I’m able to use my skills at a place I am valued.

I will then start going out more and meeting new people, having fun, being social & getting out there!

Then I will find my own place to live, a nice, spacious apartment for rent that suits all my living needs.

I will also buy a car after I get said kick-ass job.

Then I will fall in love with someone who deserves me šŸ™‚ and they will fall in love with me too & we will live happily ever after (or as close to it as possible).

I want abundance
I want prosperity
I want love
I want health
I want a great head of hair!
I want happiness
I want friends
I want a career
I want respect

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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