one quick dating observation

Dating in Alberta is different than Toronto. Money doesn’t seem to be an issue out here. The guys here make good money; they are not complaining about paying their rent, they don’t drive shitty cars, and they sure as shit don’t leave the bill on the table once the server brings it over.

In fact, on all the dates I’ve been on the server straight up hands the bill over to the guy – like second nature. I don’t have to pretend to fish out my wallet, or ask if we are splitting it, like I did in the big city. The dudes out here get the cheque and the debit machine handed to them. No weirdness about it.

Perhaps I’m the one who feels weird about it because in Toronto I felt obligated to offer to pay my share, or even PAY THE WHOLE DAMN BILL after hearing about my date’s money-woes.

In Alberta, you are taken for nice meals, and told to order whatever you want. It’s refreshing. In Toronto, the guys were so broke you’d feel guilty ordering a second drink.

I supposed I was dating the wrong guys.

The end.

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