it’s  amazing to have friends; it’s amazing to be doing things, going out and cultivating these new friendships.

but it’s also sad to lose old friends, as the same time. Two people who I thought were there for me have not showed up when I needed them and I’m having really hard time dealing with it.

Part of me wants to get angry & tell them exactly how I’m feeling, the other part wants to let it go.

I know I’ll get a chance to speak my truth, but the time is not right.

It’s unfortunate one of my friends has limiting beliefs that all friendships have an expiry date. She was becoming my best friend, and now we are strangers again.

I guess this is  her behaviour. Years ago when we tried to be friends, it faded fast, no hard feelings. But this time I feel sad. I miss her. And it sucks she doesn’t reach out to me anymore.

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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