Radio silence

Is she my friend if I haven’t seen her in almost 3 weeks? She’s barely speaking to me, hasn’t reached out & has shown zero interest in the new things I’m exploring in my life.

Maybe our friendship has reached full bloom and there is nothing else left for it but to whither away.

I wish we had better communication. But at this time, I’m scared to reach out. Scared of her scorn or rejection.

I’ve been in this predicament before & it’s not a nice feeling.

All I can do is surrender this relationship to the universe.

Please give me strength.


I harmoniously resolve conflicts with my friend for the highest good within each of us.

I’m surrounded by the love of friends.

My friends allow me the freedom to be who I truly am.

Friendships have a life-cycle of their own. I am grateful for the gifts I have received from my friend and I allow him/her the freedom to explore life apart from me. I know that the friend I need at each moment in my life will appear with perfect timing.

Published by Vanessa

I've always wanted to be a writer. Here goes!

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