when you’re stuck

The hardest part of change is not making the same choices you did the day before. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. There will be uncertainty and unpredictability. And in that moment, the game is ON.

The body and mind would rather live in fear than trust in the unknown. When we feel that discomfort, the body will start to influence the mind, and the mind the body. For example, voices might come up to try influence you to start tomorrow, or that you’re not good enough.

Here’s the deal: if you respond to the same voices (which are always going to be there btw) if you believe in those thoughts, you will be led to make the same choices. The same choices which leads to the same behaviour, which creates the same experience, which leads to the same shit feeling emotion. YOU WILL THINK THIS FEELS RIGHT. (it’s our comfort zone). This is WRONG. It feels right because it feels familiar.

Going from the old self to the new self is neurological, biological, and chemical.

It’s a genetic death of the old self

Think about the vision of your future, and no longer view it through the lens of the past.

“To become the ideal version of you it is necessary to overcome the old version which has been on autopilot. You do this by becoming aware of the old patterns playing themselves out. This is 90% of the process. The final 10% is stepping into the unknown and re-identifying who you are.” – Aaron Daoughty

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